Creative Art Start
Program for boys and girls (ages 6 - 14 years old)


Educational focus and aims

Our one week camp builds on previous years experience to offer a wider range of exciting art activities. The camp is a fun filled journey into new territories creative and educational.The summer camp is where we explore a number of art forms together in small groups tailored to individual student needs. Creative Art Start will help the individual student to:

Art activities include:

- Car Design

- STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math)

- Mixed media including painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking

- Puppetry

Architectral Structures and Fort Building

Clay and wooden doll Animation. Set construction and design

- Media Technology .

- Designing and creating computer games

- Bookmaking

- Papermaking

- Music in garage band

- Film and Video

- Photography

These activities enhance:

            • problem solving skills
            • spatial reasoning
            • critical thinking
            • risk taking
            • communication
            • self esteem
            • awareness and appreciation of the visual world




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